Jamal Adams on Woody Johnson: “We need the right people at the top”

Jamal Adams is trying to talk his way out of the Jets anyway, and now he’s making pointed comments about ownership.

In response to a story accusing team owner Woody Johnson making sexist and racist comments in his job as the United States’ ambassador to the United Kingdom, the Jets’ star safety made his feelings clear.

“We need the RIGHT people at the top,” Adams wrote in his first message which accompanied CNN’s story. “Wrong is wrong!”

He followed that with his own words expounding on the situation.

The Jets have been run by Johnson’s brother Christopher (seen linking arms with Adams in the photograph) in Woody’s absence.

The football team has been trying to get Adams back in the metaphorical boat, but he’s been openly taunting the Jets anyway, and it’s clear he’s not happy with this latest development. That makes it hard to imagine how this makes him more likely to sign a long-term deal with the team.